Humans Alpha and Omega Males

We too have alpha males and omega males, just like Samurais and Ninjas. Both are somewhat evil. However, norms often favor them rather than nice fair guys.


Nice guys usually don't get laid, but things are changing. So who knows what happen in the future.

In commerce, being nice means attracting customers and avoiding societies' wrath.

In trying to get laid, being nice won't spare you societies' wrath. If you give offers that are too good and women choose you, most males will still hate you because that means they're not getting any. If most males are mad at you, you're so death, and women avoid losers. So being nice doesn't pay much when it comes to getting girls. Being fair might but I seriously doubt that either.

So keep that in mind before you shower girls with money in exchange of sex or thinking of any kind of reciprocal relationship.

This is important. Girls do not like nice guys now because nice guys are not usually winners. You'll be dumped by your girls if you're too nice.

Both alpha males and omega males are successful in the gene pool, however in a very different way.

Alpha males uses force and omega males use seduction.

Also unlike chimps, humans are smart enough to do large scale cooperation.

In humans, a male is strong when he is in a large group. Males are also strong if they can maintain illusion of fairness between himself and others.

So the alpha males in humans are the coalpha. It stands for cooperative alpha.


Unlike chimps' alpha males, coalpha males want to ration all women for them. However, they got to share the girls among themselves too so other males join their club.

The coalpha males in humans are pro marriage or marrying males. Just like alpha males chimps are usually powerful, coalpha males in humans are usually politically powerful too.

In democratic countries, alpha males are pro monogamous marriage males. They effectively want to ration females only among themselves.

That's why we have strong norms against all sex outside life long monogamous marriage. coalpha males create those norms to prevent those outside of their group from getting girls.

Of course this sort of backfire. Too many coalpha males means the coalpha group is strong. Yet, each member can get only one because of the rationing mechanism.

In Arab, the coalpha males are kings and princes. They are much fewer than the general population and hence can ration more women into their rank. That's why anti polygamy norms are strong and only strong in democratic countries.

In Afgan, the coalpha males are so undesirable they need to prohibit women from working just so women want to marry.

Like chimps, coalpha males in humans want to dominate all women for themselves irrelevant of girls preference.

Humans co alpha males mate with women in 3 ways:

1. Force. Coalpha males are the strongest group of males. They often do not need anyone else' consent, including the females. Coalpha males often use force women to get married. They do so by prohibiting most better alternatives. Getting married means choosing marrying males, i.e. them. However they don't call such usage of force rape, they call it marriage. In most cultures virtually all open popular better alternatives are prohibited. In many culture, forced marriage is common. Also marital rape is often legal. Many cultures do not have a no fault divorce. Many pretty women are forced to get stuck to her husband she no longer want or never want in the first place. Yet, other males let them because they are afraid of them.

2. Alpha males can prevent women from mating with other males. There you go. In most societies, virtually all arrangements that can be better than marriage are illegal. Prostitution, porn, contract marriage, polygamy, etc. are illegal.

Of course girls want sex too. They too want to be sex objects like us. When all the other males are gone, eventually female humans will have to pick a member of coalpha males by choosing to get married. All her better choices are gone.

Here what the females want do not matter.

It doesn't matter that girls agree to get laid outside marriage. coalpha males will still want to prohibit it through various vague reasons.

However, in rich western countries, now women can and often get laid outside marriage. However, they still cannot charge their fair market price, nor can they freely and easily decide their own marriage terms. Coalpha males, along with feminazis made those terms. Not the girls getting laid.

3. Like chimps, human females tend to prefer winners. So coalpha males would go the extra mile in preventing women and us from knowing about alternatives. Coalpha males like to prohibit any mating outside their group (i.e. outside marriage).

Heh, not like those females want all those lesser males anyway, the pro marriage males must have thought and tell everyone. Some do though. Many do. Even more will, when coalpha males no longer have the power.

No girls want to be prostitute anyway. No girls want to share anyway. No girls want anything less than full fledged government sanctioned marriage anyway.

Still many do even if that means going underground.

However, as long as coalpha males can prohibit all those, males whose offer match those prohibited activities will be losers. And fewer girls will want them and prefer marriage instead, exactly as coalpha males say. The same ways those coalpha males will look like winner and more women will want marriage.

The truth is, had prostitution, polygamy, contract marriage, and all other relationships are legal, too many women will want to join it and that's the very reason why it's illegal. Marriage in democratic countries ration mates in equal share for everyone. Who want to be rationed?

Coalpha males do not prohibit prostitution, polygamy and contract marriage because they observe that no girls are wanting it when it were legal. They prohibit those so that no girls wanting it and so that girls can't do that even if they want to.

Few girls want to be criminal. By prohibiting all sex outside marriage, coalpha males pretty much commit genocide against all males and females that hate marriage.

Yet slowly and surely things are changing.


In US, for example, 50% of babies are born out of marriage. Even more if we count babies born out of adultery. That means marrying coalpha males are the losers now! Suckers...

Marrying coalpha males make less kids than omega males that can seduce girls outside marriage.

Still coalpha males want to put popular better offers they cannot prohibit underground. That's why porn is censored.. They don't want you to see it. That's why escorts are legal while prostitution is not. Escorts are kept underground.

Beautiful girls often like showing up in porn. That's how they advertise their assets. They get better mates. We males can also pick women more accurately. If we pick the ugly we wouldn't be happy right?

However, their effort is getting harder and harder due to information age. Obviously their schemes of rationing mates in equal share for everyone is not palatable for many.

So many girls prefer and do get laid outside marriage, and now, everybody knows it. Even more are doing it. The coalpha males are no longer winner anymore.

coalpha males want everyone to feel guilty and want almost everything to be a crime. That way they can always find justification to punish or eradicate those outside their club.

Nazi extermination of Jews are samples of coalpha males' common behavior. Just like prohibition of all sex outside marriage is effectively genocide for those who love freedom. Coalpha males will just want to exterminate anyone smarter and faster than them.

We got to go to school at the same speed no matter how high our IQ are. Many prohibits free market because they do not want some males getting too rich, even though it means they get poorer too. The mere acts of making honest money is punishable by tax. Hell, some coalpha males would actually die so they can kill other more successful males.


The omega males are different. Their weapon is seduction and trickery.

1. Omega males don't usually rape females, at least not openly. That's because females can scream and an alpha males will come, took DNA tests, and punish the omega males. Omega males need to seduce females. Omega males usually have something girls want. They can be handsome, charming, tall, rich, or all. In humans, rich males are arguably alpha and omega. So we'll talk about wealth latter.

2. Due to coalpha males' made rules, omega males also cannot mate with female humans openly even if the female agree. That's because coalpha males will stop that irrelevant on whether the female chimps agree or not.

Did you ever see any rich smart males living happily and openly with a lot of hot girls? No body can. Even if girls want to, they cannot.

That is why omega males often get laid secretly. Because the norms are against omega males anyway, omega males have little intensive to play fair. They simply sleep with so many women, often someone else's wives. They mate with girls and leave her with kids they don't bother affording.

That's because even if they want to be responsible and afford the kids, they'll still be punished anyway if they get caught. So why bother?

Omega males like welfare a lot. That way they can mate with many women without having any limit. After all, we have the rest of society paying for the cost right?

Omega males also hate prostitution. It's hard to seduce girls if you have to compete with someone else offering cash.

3. Like alpha males, omega males that are successful will attract more women.


So, what you should do then? More of that here.